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At a Glance

Evander Holyfield was the youngest of 9 children, raised by Annie Laura a single parent who worked long and grueling hours cooking meals at a restaurant.

He grew up in Atlanta where he overcame poverty and daily challenges presented to him as a youth. His mother had a sixth grade education whereas she did not have the opportunity to develop those early learning skills of reading and writing.

Despite her challenges she made sure that her children would get the best education she could give them. Annie Laura was the reckoning force behind Evander Holyfield’s triumphs and victories both in and out of the ring.

She instilled in Evander many values that he utilized as tools to become the Only Five Time Heavyweight Champion of the World. Evander’s mother would never allow him to quit, give up, give in, use excuses or use his size as a determining factor of his successes in life. When Evander Holyfield was just 6 years old his early journey led him to the Boys and Girls Club, a safe haven for youth and a place that allowed him to envision himself to become a champion in boxing.

Evander’s humble beginnings, his mother’s wisdom and life lessons in and outside of the ring is what inspires him to give back to his community and support underprivileged youth. The Holyfield Foundation aims to provide those same tools that Evander used to become the Only Five Time Heavyweight Champion of the World.

We desire to add new and effective programs that will engage and inspire our youth as well as encourage them to become all that God has destined them to become, Winners!

Recent News

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